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About Us

Backed by Sir. Ratan Naval Tata, Mailit was founded in 1987 as a Dispatch Aggregator (Shirodkar Cargo Services) which over the years has transformed intoan Intergrated Logistics & Mailroom Management company building its distribution network on the IL&MS (Integrated Logistics & Mailroom Solutions) platform.Recently Sir. Ratan Tata has picked up a stake in Mailit thereby giving the company the much needed fillip to build a strong Integrated logistics foundation, enhanced efficiency thereby bringing seamless end-to-end distribution with real time visibility.

IL&MS by Mailit is a digital interplay of Mailroom management, Logistics, Distribution and Postal services integrated with the proprietary Mailroom Management Solutions software. IL&MS is supported by a robust technology integrator codenamed NIMBLE

IL&MS is an amalgamation of the Distribution & Mailroom Management strengths of Mailit wherein the mailroom operations are synergized with the distribution network across India thereby establishing a seamless delivery platform to our customers. This synergies will be driven by the NIMBLE App which is a robust tech platform to give visibility to both the internal stakeholders and external customers. In addition, NIMBLE addresses the aspiration levels of the retail consumers to fulfill all their booking and delivery needs with the punchline“ Book Anything from Anywhere” . NIMBLE App also addresses the requirements of Warehousing and Transportation for all our customers thereby giving total pipeline visibility in the supply chain. Currently NIMBLE App is in the development stage.

Currently Mailit has introduced Digitalized Mailroom Management Solutions for Corporates. Mailit offers Express Courier & Cargo services, Warehousing & Transportation , Mailroom Management Solutions, LMD and Postal services to leading corporates and several blue chip companies in the TATA Group.

To build the NIMBLE backed ILMS business model , we intend to establish 10 HUBs , 50 Branches, 250 Franchisee’s, 10 Postal outlets, 5 warehouses & 500 Mailrooms across the length & breadth of India in the next five years.

• India’s First IL&MS Mailroom platform consolidating the entire value chain.
• Seamless integration of end-to-end distribution and RTO management under one roof.
• Resulting in cost optimization/reduction to the customer.
• Skilled professional team for offline management of back-end logistics and distribution.
• Staffing Solutions – Manpower Deployment & Payroll management – Provided by Future HR Services Pvt ltd. (Group company of Mailit)

MAILIT Core Services:
• Courier and Cargo Services – Air & Surface.
• Mailroom Management – Proprietary Mailroom Software
• Break Bulk Dispatches – Bulk Documents & Non-Documents
• India Post & Mailing Services – Authorized service franchisee of INDIA POST.
• Pre-mailing activities & customised dispatches.
• Urgent Dispatch for Marketing and Promotional Events, API’S, Product Launches, Annual Reports etc.
• Warehousing Solutions (3PL)
• Manpower outsourcing and staffing.

We are the only company which offer all logistics products and modes of dispatch under one roof, namely, Courier, Cargo, Mailroom, Warehousing solutions, Postal services and Mailroom solutions. We are a process-driven company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. The proof of this is the continued patronization of our services for over 30 years by the TATA Group of Companies, namely, TATA Motors, Tata Capital Ltd (TCL), Tata Motor Finance Ltd (TMFL) to name a few.