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Inspiring Journey from the Tata Motors Mailrooms to Boardrooms of Mailit Management. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single, significant step. Mr.Shirodkar took that all-important step in 1987 in Mumbai when he founded Mailit, a venture of Shirodkar Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. Like all his self-made contemporaries, he made a modest beginning in the Mailroom services industry in his quest for excellence.

It wasn't smooth sailing for him. But his unwavering passion to make it big saw him embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey starting with a daily wage of just Rs. 30 at Tata Motors in 1980s. His commitment to excellence saw him rise through the ranks, and soon he found himself managing the entire operation of intra office mail deliveries within the Tata Group of companies.

Fuelled by his quest for excellence in offering a comprehensive bouquet of dispatch aggregation and Mailroom service, Mr.Shirodkar announced his arrival in the new millennium by adding an eclectic roster of clientele across India. He succeeded in conquering several challenges along the way with a single-minded focus on the bigger picture.

Mr. Mahesh Shirodkar
Founder & Managing Director

As the business and operations continue to grow, Mahesh is joined by Mr.Ramachandran Anil Kumar to bring in35 years of expertise and much needed strength and capabilities to the business operations.Anil brings in 35 Years in Domestic & International Logistics and Distribution having held senior management positions in Multinational Express Distribution and Logistics Companies. His last stint was in UPS as a Strategic Account Manager (APAC Region).

In his role as a global manager he has driven successful engagements with global multinational corporations and leveraged his expertise to design customised logistics & distribution solutions. He has led large successful teams across regions & geographies and believes that discipline, focus and hardwork are the hallmarks of a successful person. In addition Anil is engaged as a consultant with Mastercredit Banking Groupe (an Investment banking entity) based out of Mumbai and also manages his own logistics firm.

Mr. Ramchandran Anil Kumar
Director & Promoter

Mr.Chaman Prasad brings in 25 years of experience in Express Distribution and International Freight movement. He is an accomplished logistics professional with in-depth knowledge and rich experience in Domestic & International freight forwarding & warehousing operations. He was part of the core group in Velogic a French MNC as a Regional Head. He has a strong exposure in Operations Management and Network design and optimisation. A true logistician at heart with ankeen eye for details, he has designed robust operational processes & systems. A great team player ,he believes that team dynamics plays a major role in establishing organisational growth & stability. In addition, he manages his own business in logistics & distribution.

Mr. Chaman Prasad
Director & Promoter