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The size of your mail doesn't matter to us. When you have to mail it, think of Mailit. Explore from our comprehensive bouquet of mailroom management services to help you focus on taking your business to greater heights.

Postal Service

  Print to Post

In Print to Post services, we take variable data from our clients, which is then processed through our state-of-the-art technology to accurately print, envelope and post documents on their behalf. These documents include Inland Letters, Label Printing, Newsletters and Annual Reports Dispatch, Registered Post Parcel, Bulk Mailing and Real-time Tracking services. Avail our comprehensive Print to Post services to dispatch your worries forever.

  Book Now Pay Later(B.N.P.L.)

Mailit is pleased to introduce Book Now Pay Later(B.N.P.L.) service designed exclusively for you. When you choose B.N.P.L., it provides you with an option to book now and pay later after signing an agreement with us. It will be convenient for you to pay the commission on the entire undelivered shipment as you will be billed in the next month. Thus, it helps you save on cost and ultimately, boost your profitability.

Courier Service

Any company is differentiated on the basis of 3 Key Parameters – unmatched speed, state-of-the-art technology and value added services. When your company wants to deliver an urgent parcel or a document within a specified time, then Mailit is second to none. Our courier services are further categorized into two segments including:


Documents are consignments without monetary value.


Non-documents are all other consignments, which are classified as dutiable by customs.

Cargo Service

Let Go of Your Worries about Cargo
Mailit is your one stop solution provider for all your domestic cargo service requirements. It includes Surface and Air Cargo services. These are reliable and flexible as they are available at a competitive price.

We deploy our nation-wide network using the roadways and railways.

  Surface Cargo

Surface Cargo is the transfer of goods from one place to another using the roadways, preferably through trucks. When you choose Mailit's Surface Cargo service, you will get the customized and economical logistics option.

  Air Cargo

Air Cargo involves transporting of goods in an aircraft. It offers a host of exciting benefits to your customers such as advanced tracking system, door-to-door pick-up delivery and the best mode to deliver valuable cargo.

Mailroom Service

Edge ahead with our Mailroom Solutions

Mailroom accounts for approximately 10% of all operating costs for companies. It is an allinclusive specialized service where we process and sort your customers' incoming and outgoing mails. Our technology-enabled Mailroom provides holistic Mailroom solutions. These include:

  • Dispatch Inbound & Outbound Mails
  • Customized Software
  • Implementation of Track and Trace Apps
  • Strong Network of Service Providers
  • Utilizing Mail Data and Metrics to optimize Processes
  • Postal Services

Our proprietary Mailroom Management solutions provide a strong chain of custody tracking, a reduction in mail run completion time, better loss prevention of high value packages/products and improving labour efficiencies.

Mailit's Mailroom Management solutions help reduce your operating cost and improve customer satisfaction. So, avail our Mailroom service to take your business to the next level.

Bulk Mailing

  Why Sulk When You Can Mail it in Bulk?

Bulk Mailing is the physical mail that is mailed and processed at reduced costs. Usually, it is prepared in large volumes. This helps you save time and money.